Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society (APFPS) has been established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under The Andhra Pradesh Societies Act in November2012 to act as a nodal agency for development of Food Processing Sector in the State.

The Secretary to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is the Chairman of the Society. The Commissioner / Director in charge of allied sectors including Agriculture, Horticulture, Marketing, Animal Husbandry and KVIC are the members of the society.

The Main Objective Of The Society are:

  • Enhancing and stabilizing the income level of the farmers.
  • Achieving integration of the food processing infrastructure from farm to market.
  • Making the food processing sector attractive for both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Making food processing is all season activity.
  • Undertaking Capacity building & Promotional activities.
  • Providing Quality check facility.
  • Providing Marketing assistance to producers.
  • Reduction of Agricultural waste.
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of food processing industry in both domestic as well as international markets.


Dr. Smt. Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS

Special Chief Secretary to Government.
Secretary to Government Industries and Commerce (FP) Dept.

Dr. Smt. Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS, is Special Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh & the Secretary Food Processing, GoAP and the Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society.


   “To be global leader in Food Processing domain by Agri and allied produce value enhancement, Increasing efficiency, waste  minimization, Governance and Institutional support by 2029 “


  • Develop commodity-based clusters to enable a focused and planned approach to develop the food processing industry through a coordinated approach between government departments.
  • Identify and bridge existing infrastructure gaps affecting the food processing industry.
  • Promote innovation, research & development in the industry and ensure continuous technology up gradation.
  • Undertake capacity building and enhance competitiveness of food processing industry in both domestic and international markets.


The APFPS has a clear goal of attaining these objectives by facilitating and acting as a catalyst to attract quality investments from within India and abroad into this sector with the aim of making food processing a national initiative. With this overall objective, the APFPS aims at:

  • Better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce for enhancement of income of farmers
  • Minimizing wastage at all stages in the food processing chain by the development of infrastructure for storage, transportation and processing of agro-food produce
  • Induction of modern technology into the food processing industries from both domestic and external sources
  • Provide policy support, and support for creation of Infrastructure, capacity expansion/ Up gradation and other supportive measures form the growth of this sectors
  • Promote export of processed food products.




  • 1.
    Secretary to Govt., (Food Processing)
  • 2.
    Commissioner of Industries
  • 3.
    Deputy Secretary to Govt., Ind & Com. Dept
  • 4.
    CEO, Khadi & Village Industries Board
  • 5.
    Addl/Joint/Deputy Secretary to Govt., Fin. Dept.
  • 6.
    Commissioner / Director of Agriculture
  • 7.
    Commissioner / Director of Horticulture
  • 8.
    Director of Animal Husbandry
  • 9.
    CEO, AP Food Processing Society

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